Why Nakano?

Quick response

Precision machining experts respond quickly to request for quotation, delivery confirmation, and technical inquiry

Dedicated expert engineering staff respond quickly to request for quotation, delivery confirmation, and technical inquiry from customers. Our modern production management system enables other staff than sales personnel to provide information on the delivery on a real-time basis. Furthermore, by using a groupware system, the whole company shares information on the corresponding history, ensuring a quick, clear response for customers.

The reasons why we are chosen

Why Nakano? [1]

Dedicated expert engineering staff respond quickly to request for quotation and technical inquiry

We assigned dedicated expert engineering staff in the section of some help desk, who have worked in the headquarters plant production division for many years and have plenty of practical manufacturing experiences. They, as personnel in charge of quotation, will provide a correct and quick answer to customer's request for quotation. They also respond directly to technical inquiry from manufacturers' product development personnel. Based on wide knowledge and experiences, our staff offer professional supports.

Why Nakano? [2]

Production status is shared in the company by a production management system enabling us to provide a delivery information quickly

Using an up-to-date production management system, the whole company share every information on production and all company divisions can refer to the real-time information including the progress status of a product in process. It enables us to respond quickly to customers' inquiry about delivery date.

Why Nakano? [3]

A multifunction groupware used to realize a company-wide customer support

We use a multifunction groupware system to communicate technical information, daily reports, etc. among divisions. By sharing information quickly in the company through intranet, sales personnel as well as production personnel can understand a corresponding history, and the entire staff provide quick and smooth customer services.

We have actively joined in a chamber of commerce, study groups, trade shows, etc., and provide the latest technical and market information.

We have joined the Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association, a chamber of commerce and other commerce and industry associations, as well as various study groups regarding technology and administration such as a new environmental energy study group and the Osaka Prefectural Global Study Association. In addition, we actively participated in industrial shows such as the Difficult Manufacturing Technology Show, Pan-Exhibition for Wash and Clean, and MTA Vietnam (exhibition on machine tools). We are quickly providing the latest technical and market information obtained from them.

Consultations and Inquiries

For consultations and inquiries regarding each parts production and technologies, please feel free to dial the following number.

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