Why Nakano?

High cost competitiveness

We offer a distinct cost advantage for the medium lot production. Our bipolar production system using the Vietnam plant contributes to further cost reduction

We use various high performance equipment including a CNC lathe. For the medium lot production of parts with difficult shapes, we offer a distinct cost advantage by fully using highly technical process designs and jigs, not using multifunctional machines and others with high cost per time unit. Furthermore, we have opened a plant in Vietnam. We sent qualified Vietnamese employees who learned metalworking in our headquarters plant for many years to Vietnam and developed the Japan's quality international specialization of production system, which contributes to additional cost reduction.

The reasons why we are chosen

Why Nakano? [1]

Making full use of a large number of machining equipment realizes the ultra low cost production

We have deployed, in total, 31 units of CNC lathe and turning center and 11 of machining center, tapping center, and ROBODRILL. By fully using a variety of these equipment, we plan highly effective process design tailored to the medium lot production and realize the ultra low cost production.

Why Nakano? [2]

Unique VA/VE proposal can achieve a significant cost reduction

Experienced, precision machining professional engineers were assigned to the Sales Technical Support division. We make optimal cost proposals promptly based on the past performance data. Also, we carry out optimal process planning, processing program setting, and jig creation for new development parts and complex shape parts. Introduction of the latest tools, improvement of material, shape, and machining conditions, and other VA/VE proposals can lead to substantial cost reduction.

Why Nakano? [3]

A new international plant established in Vietnam. Contributing to additional cost reduction

We established the Vietnam plant in 2017. We are promoting the international specialization of production between two countries: the Vietnam plant mainly covers the medium lot and mass production of parts with moderate difficulty and the headquarters plant in Japan mainly covers R&D, prototyping, the small to middle lot production of parts with high difficulty in a short delivery term. This bipolar production system can respond to high quality, low cost needs of domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Lot III 3B, Road No.12, The Group CN III, Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City, Viet Nam

Based on our high technological capabilities including development of an inline washer and automation of a drilling machine and slotter, we are pursuing to achieve further cost reduction.

We established the Production Engineering division which is exclusively responsible for automation and Kaizen. We have developed a compact-sized washer which can clean parts in process and realized automation of drilling machine and slotter. These facility improvement enabled energy saving and effective use of space, ensuring a significant increase in production efficiency and further cost reduction.

Consultations and Inquiries

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