Environmental Management System

Based on a vision of the symbiosis of nature and business, promote reginal and global environmental conservation activities

We engage in environmental conservation activities locally and globally to realize our environment policy, business activities in harmony with nature. We conduct business activities considering energy saving, resource saving, and resource recovery under the Environmental Management System (EMS).

Adopted EcoAction 21 following the Ministry of Environment's guidelines

Certified and registered by EcoAction 21 operated by the Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies (IPSuS). We apply the Environmental Management System following the Ministry of Environment's guidelines to promote a continuous improvement.

Also, we continually strive to reduce energy consumption, save water resources, and reduce and reuse wastes in our operations.

Published the environmental activity report summarizing annual performance

We created an environmental activity report annually. It includes various goals, activity results, and next-year's environmental activity plan.
*For the environmental activity report. please see the website of Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies (IPSuS).

FY2015 FY2016
Item Unit Target value Achievement rate Target value Achievement rate
Energy consumption reduction kWh 834,011 104% 956,091 109%
Gasoline consumption reduction L 14,697 113% 16,785 142%
Water usage reduction m3 785 116% 895 114%
General wastes reduction ton 1.134 127% 1.289 156%
Eco-friendly goods procurement Yen 70% or more 117% 70% or more 119%

Introduced the Power Demand Monitoring System to cut peak power

We introduced the Power Demand Monitoring System which monitors the peak power (power demand) on a 24-hour basis and gives an alarm if the actual value comes to a target value. We control the power usage across the premises to limit the maximum power demand.

Thanks to these efforts, we reduced our power consumption year over year. We are contributing to environmental conservation through energy saving.

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