Our Strengths

Unique advantages

Industrial top level cost effectiveness realized in the medium lot production of complex shape parts and processing of hard-to-work materials

We have deployed, in total, 31 units of CNC lathe/turning center and a number of machining centers, tapping centers, and ROBODRILLs. The medium lot production of parts with high difficulty may be of higher cost per time unit if a multifunctional machine or five-axis machining center is used; instead, we can carry out such a production based on our high-level process planning approach in the most cost effective manner possible in the industry. We also cover high precision machining of parts with a complex shape and hard-to-work materials including semiconductor production equipment and robot parts, and hydraulic/pneumatic systems.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths [1]

Mainly for aluminium/stainless steel, precision machining of complex/difficult-to-machine shapes is available

We realized precision machining of complex/difficult-to-machine shapes mainly for aluminium and stainless steel. Also, we cover processing of a material of hard machinability including SUS316L and titanium as well as machining of a wide range of metals such as steel, brass, and hardened steel.

Our Strengths [2]

From machining to special processing and secondary processing, the integrated make-to-order production system is established

According to production orders, we can provide one-stop service from material procurement to special processing including pressing, bending, welding, and wire cutting, and secondary processing including surface treatment/heat treatment, as well as precision machining.

Our Strengths [3]

Our own plant in Vietnam enables low cost, high quality production

A plant we have built in Vietnam mainly covers the medium lot and mass production of parts with moderate difficulty. Also, the headquarters plant in Japan mainly covers R&D, prototyping, the small to middle lot production of parts with high difficulty in a short delivery term. Based on this international specialization of production, we realize low cost, high quality production.

Our Strengths [4]

Our VA/VE proposals from the design stage achieve additional manufacturing cost reduction

Working with customers on their new product development project, we can provide VA/VE proposals. Based on detailed information and requests from customers, we provide professional proposals such as a lower cost, mass producible shape of parts.

We have accumulated manufacturing know-how gained in more than 20 industries over about 70 years since its foundation. We use these know-how to cover all types of precision machining.

At Higashiosaka, where a large number of factories with specific expertise and high-level technologies are concentrated, we have developed about 70 years of experience and results in machining. A production network comprising about 230 companies and our production know-how gained from experience with customers in more than 20 industries enable us to cover all types of precision machining.

Consultations and Inquiries

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