Company Information

Company policy

We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility and contribute to develop a sustainable society.

Nakano Manufacturing sets the basic management, quality, and environment policies to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. Each of our staff members fully understands his/her mission and will, through business activities, contribute to develop a sustainable society.

Management policy

To be a continuously growing company within any management environment

We tries not only to improve our machining technology but to make our production system responsive to changing times, diversify our skills, and expand the manufacturing network. By maintaining a conical company structure with a healthy balance between horizontal and vertical elements, we develop a resilient, steadily growing organization.

Quality policy

To provide our customers with safe and reliable products through accomplishing our duties

Shared the quality policy based on the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. To become a top-class manufacturing company as stated in our mission statement, each employee will fulfill his/her responsibility and provide safe and reliable products.

Applicable standard ISO9001:2008 JIS Q 9001:2008
Certificate Number Q0034
Date Certified December 27, 2001
Certification body Organization of International Standards Certification Co., Ltd.
Certification mark

Environment policy

To be a company voluntarily establishing the symbiosis of nature and business through promoting regional and global environmental conservation activities

We actively engage in environmental conservation activities locally and globally such as EcoAction 21 following the Ministry of Environment's guidelines. We are actively developing our own green products including an energy-saving compact parts washer.

Applicable standard EcoAction 21 Guidelines 2009
Certificate Number 0000520
Date Certified December 8, 2005
Certification body Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies (IPSuS)
Certification mark

Consultations and Inquiries

For consultations and inquiries regarding each parts production and technologies, please feel free to dial the following number.

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(opening hours: weekdays 9:00-17:00; closing days: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays)