Our Services

We manufacture prototype and mass production parts of industrial machines, using advanced machining techniques.

Precision machining

We can deal with a complex shape/precision machining of aluminium/stainless steel. And we provide cost-efficient solutions for medium lot.

Secondary processing

Integrated production from source procurement to special processing, surface treatment, and heat treatment, with precision machining process is available.

Major achievements/results

We have received lots of customer orders from over 20 different industries. We can accommodate every type of machining mainly for the medium lot sizes.

Features of Nakano Manufacturing

Established the integrated production system. Based on the high level of technical and production capabilities, we address customer needs flexibly.

Processing Technology

Thanks to excellent process planning ability of our expert engineering staff, we realize the most appropriate and greatest level of processing.

Why Nakano?

Our production capability, cost competitiveness, quality assurance, and quick response are highly appreciated.

Our Strengths

We enjoy the total dominance in the medium lot production of complex shape parts and processing of hard-to-work materials.

Production Equipment

Installed a variety of high-performance machines. We realize advanced processing via various technologies.

Other Activities

We have been working to improve our production capability and promote social contribution activities.


Nakano Manufacturing's high-level precision machining technique built up over years has been highly appreciated also by public organizations including the Japanese government and municipalities.

Quality Improvement Activities

As well as a scratch/burr-free processing technology ahead of the industry, we have introduced the up-to-date precision measuring instruments including coordinate measuring machine and form contour measuring instrument.

Internal Activities

We are continuing efforts to further improve our employees' technical skill by organizing practical instruction "Nakano Techno School" by World Skills Competition trainers and encouraging them to acquire a qualification.


We voluntarily and continuously engage in environmental conservation activities such as EcoAction 21 following the Ministry of Environment's guidelines.

In-house Developed Product

Strong washing & speedy drying compact parts washer Senjo Komachi

A compact-size parts washer, "Senjo Komachi," significantly increases the production efficiency in our manufacturing line. It provides a strong detergency and quick drying with a reasonable cost.

About Nakano Manufacturing

Company profile, intellectual asset-based management report, frequently asked questions and other information.


October 20, 2017
Renewed our website
October 9, 2017
Established a local subsidiary and started the plant operation in Vietnam
August 3, 2017
Participated in the Difficult Manufacturing Technology Show 2017
April 3, 2017
Introduced the latest machining center, DMG MORI NVX5060
April 5, 2016
The 16K SHOP GROUP visited us

We, as an expert company of precision machining with unique, advanced techniques,
will meet demands requiring the latest machining approaches.

Nakano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949, firstly as a sewing machine parts manufacturer. After its foundation, we had manufactured products ranging from a reduction gearbox for small or medium ships, to agricultural machines such as tractor and highly precise automobile parts, to meet the needs of the times, and the organization has grown steadily. Since the early 2000s, we have produced various industrial machines for over 20 industrial fields, including the cutting-edge products, semiconductor production equipment and robot. In 2007, we were chosen as Vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises Selection 300 by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. We have been highly appreciated by public organizations for our technological capability.

And in 2017, we established Nakano Precision Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to develop the international specialization of production system and advanced into the mechatronics field, where significant growth is expected in the future. We have been working also in new business such as development promotion of in-house products including a compact-size parts washer.

Nakano Manufacturing, as a precision machining expert, will continue to improve our innovative technological capability and serve higher, diversified needs of customers.

Consultations and Inquiries

For consultations and inquiries regarding each parts production and technologies, please feel free to dial the following number.

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(opening hours: weekdays 9:00-17:00; closing days: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays)